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Thursday 07 May 2009

Gears of War 2 New Content

on 07 May : 08:16  Posted by admin  Category: Misc   Comments: 0

Good news for all you GOW fans, there is going to be another bumper update to the already legendary game.

The "Dark Corners" DLC will comprise of:

7 New Maps
1 Bonus Campaign Chapter (utilising Stealth Techniques)

All for $20 or 1600ms points

On the same day the Gears of War 2 All Fronts Collection is being released which incorporates:

previously released DLC for the game, 

and Combustible map packs
dashboard theme
a Gears of War 2 poster
a strategy guide

All again for $20 or 16ms points

Scheduled date for both releases are July 28
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Huxley (PC)

on 07 May : 07:58  Posted by admin  Category: Misc   Comments: 0

Sign up for the Huxley (PC) Beta Test Stage below.

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Wednesday 06 May 2009

Massive Action Game (PS3)

on 06 May : 09:01  Posted by admin  Category: Misc   Comments: 0

New Debut Trailer for this PS3 release

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Wolfenstein (PC, 360, PS3)

on 06 May : 08:56  Posted by admin  Category: Misc   Comments: 0

New Weapons Trailer 
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Friday 01 May 2009


on 01 May : 12:04  Posted by admin  Category: Misc   Comments: 0

Hot news today that Forza 3 may see its launch in 2009.  Video footage from a Microsoft meeting showing the 2009 line-up inadvertently showed the Forza 3 brand.  However this video has now been removed from the youtube site.

We will try and keep you posted.
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