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    Wednesday 29 April 2009

    Bionic Commando Demo On XBOX Live

    on 29 Apr : 15:10  Posted by admin  Category: Misc   Comments: 1

    News has been leaking on to the internet about the imminent arrival of the Bionic Commando Demo from Capcom.

    The demo will contain just 1 games mode which is set on the Vertigo level.  We have been promised 16 maps to play in multiplayer in the final games release, with team deathmatch and capture the flag modes also included.

    NEWS Update: 29-April-2009

    Here it is the Bionic Commando Multiplayer from XBL

    Comments Please
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    Midnight Club LA: South Central DLC Part 2

    on 29 Apr : 09:08  Posted by admin  Category: XBOX360 Gaming News   Comments: 0

    2 new vehicle packs are now available through DLC on XBL

    Vehicle Pack 1 features:

    Audi S5, Mercedes Benz CL65 AMG, Mitsubushi Eclipse GT

    Vehicle Pack 2 features:

    Cadillac XLR V, Lancer Evolution X, Aston Martin DB9 and Bonus Vehicle Ducati 1098R

    Both packs cost 240ms points each
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    Max Payne 1 & 2 Now Available on XBL

    on 29 Apr : 09:03  Posted by admin  Category: Misc   Comments: 0

    Yes you read it correctly the FULL Max Payne 1 & 2 games can be downloaded from the XBL Original Games menu for 1200ms Points each.

    Remember the original Bullet Time?  We sure do.
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    Infamous (PS3) VS Prototype (360)

    on 29 Apr : 08:13  Posted by admin  Category: Misc   Comments: 0

    Can you decide which is better?  Comments please.
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    Dead Rising 2 - First Trailer

    on 29 Apr : 08:06  Posted by admin  Category: Misc   Comments: 0

    So here it is the long anticipated follow up to the classic Dead Rising
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