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    Thursday 16 April 2009

    Punch Out (Wii)

    on 16 Apr : 13:07  Posted by admin  Category: Misc   Comments: 0

    Watch Out EA with your Fight Night 4 title, is it about to be blocked and punched to the back of the shopping queue.

    Punch Out coming to the Wii (without Mike Tyson)
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    Bioshock 2 (PS3, XBOX360, PC)

    on 16 Apr : 13:03  Posted by admin  Category: Misc   Comments: 0

    Game Trailers exclusive video of the new Bioshock game.
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    DOOM 4 not a sequel to DOOM 3 id say

    on 16 Apr : 09:20  Posted by admin  Category: Misc   Comments: 0

    The DOOM 4 project by id Software is still very much in its infancy, some say that they are still hiring staff for the project. So don't expect a demo any time soon.

    Hollenshead has told GameSpot. "Doom 3 was sort of a reboot." so will DOOM 4 be similar.  Well we will all just have to wait and see.
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    Banjo-Tooie Coming to XBLA on 29-April 2009

    on 16 Apr : 09:04  Posted by admin  Category: Misc   Comments: 0

    N64 classic Banjo-Tooie has been given a 29-April 2009 release date for XBLA

    No price has been announced at the moment.  We would expect 800ms points as is normal in these circumstances.
    We will have the exact price once officially announced.
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    Wet (360, PS3)

    on 16 Apr : 08:06  Posted by admin  Category: Misc   Comments: 0

    New trailer for this anticipated release courtesy of Game Trailers.


    News Update - 28 April 2009

    After the company Activision dropped this title from its list, no one knew if it would see the light of day, but today we bring you GOOD news as this title looks to be pretty impressive.

    Bethesda has taken up the reigns.

    Full story here
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