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XBOX360 Gaming News

Wednesday 29 April 2009

Midnight Club LA: South Central DLC Part 2

on 29 Apr : 09:08  Posted by admin  Category: XBOX360 Gaming News   Comments: 0

2 new vehicle packs are now available through DLC on XBL

Vehicle Pack 1 features:

Audi S5, Mercedes Benz CL65 AMG, Mitsubushi Eclipse GT

Vehicle Pack 2 features:

Cadillac XLR V, Lancer Evolution X, Aston Martin DB9 and Bonus Vehicle Ducati 1098R

Both packs cost 240ms points each
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Wednesday 22 April 2009

Prototype (PC, 360 & PS3)

on 22 Apr : 10:59  Posted by admin  Category: XBOX360 Gaming News   Comments: 0


News Update 22-April-2009:

Online Co-op available in the final release. You and your friend can play as two prototypes to take on the city of New York.

News Update:

Scheduled released for 5th June 2009 Europe and 9th June US

Update: 16/04/2009

New cinematic trailer released:
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Wednesday 08 April 2009

Alpha Protocol

on 08 Apr : 08:08  Posted by admin  Category: XBOX360 Gaming News   Comments: 0

This title looks the business

Its an rpg that has your character adopting the style of someone between, Jason Bourne and James Bond.

The title has a similar converational context as Mass Effects, however there is a twist where you can only choose one answer and that choice is timed, there is no going back. What does this do, well the makers say that it affects your character and how he performs, whether he sticks to the straight and narrow or tries to cut corners.

Sounds like there will be some good replay value.

Look out for a full review soon.

New Game Trailer: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/47624.html

Submitted by Alpha Leather
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Wednesday 01 April 2009

Gears of War 2 (360) Snowblind Map Pack

on 01 Apr : 13:12  Posted by admin  Category: XBOX360 Gaming News   Comments: 0

Yet another multiplayer map pack for GOW2

Can now be found on the XBOX Live service

for a mere 800 ms points you get:

"This winter-themed pack brings you four Gears of War 2 maps sure to heat up your multiplayer and Horde action. Hunt your enemies down in the snowy day-lit heights or the dark tunnels of Under Hill. The massive industrial complex of Grind Yard gives numerous bunkers for cover, but watch out for snipers high in the flanking buildings. Beware the falling monuments in Courtyard, where wide-open spaces give you plenty of opportunities to gun down your enemies—unless they strike first.  And due to fan demand, the popular Gears 1 map Fuel Depot makes its return."
Submitted by Alpha Leather
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Battlefield Bad Compay 2 (PC, 360 & PS3)

on 01 Apr : 11:06  Posted by admin  Category: XBOX360 Gaming News   Comments: 0



This is the latest trailer for the up and coming game from EA and DICE. Not much is given away at this stage and the abscence of the previous games characters is somewhat alarming. I loved the tongue in cheek humour of the first title and hope that this one lives up to expectation.

Submitted by Alpha Leather
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