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    PS3 Gaming News

    Wednesday 13 January 2010

    Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)

    on 13 Jan : 11:13  Posted by admin  Category: PS3 Gaming News   Comments: 0
    News has surfaced that the Japanese release of GT5 has been delayed indefinitely. We expect this to also affect the EU and US release dates as well.

    There has been no official release date set by Sony but rumours were riff on the Internet pointing to a Summer 2010 release.  This doesn't look like its going to happen now.

    Sorry for the disappointing news.
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    Sunday 10 January 2010

    Heavy Rain (PS3)

    on 10 Jan : 12:28  Posted by admin  Category: PS3 Gaming News   Comments: 0
    This long awaited title will be released on February 23 2010 and pre-orders will get "The Taxidermist" which is a downloadable episode. This will cost $4.99 for those that haven't pre-ordered the game.

    We are still unsure as to whether this game will be a hit or miss.  Let us know what you think.
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    Tuesday 05 January 2010

    Wipeout HD (PS3)

    on 05 Jan : 12:24  Posted by admin  Category: PS3 Gaming News   Comments: 0

    Grab it now!!
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    MAG - Open Beta

    on 05 Jan : 12:02  Posted by admin  Category: PS3 Gaming News   Comments: 0
    Massive Action Game Open Beta is now available to download from the Playstation Store, you will need a minimum of 1.8GB of disk space to play mind you.

    See our review shortly. 
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    Tuesday 22 December 2009

    MAG (PS3) is GOLD

    on 22 Dec : 10:00  Posted by admin  Category: PS3 Gaming News   Comments: 0
    Yep that's right the title has "gone gold" i.e. is ready for full production / pressing.

    Also the Open Beta starts on 4 Jan 2010.

    The game is officially hitting the shelves on 26 Jan 2010.

    You lucky, lucky PS3 gamers.
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    Wednesday 16 December 2009

    Gran Turismo 5 Time Trial Challenge

    on 16 Dec : 09:06  Posted by admin  Category: PS3 Gaming News   Comments: 0
    Another demo is being released this week to whet the PS3 gamers lips.

    This one will feature the Nissan 370Z and will be showcase the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Circuit though it will be a special road course layout.

    There will be 2 time trial features to get your gaming teeth in to.

    The Nissan 370Z will come either as stock or there will be a lighter, faster version that has been moded to give the best timings.  So the choice is yours.

    Expect this to land on PSN sometime very soon.
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    Monday 14 December 2009

    Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)

    on 14 Dec : 09:44  Posted by admin  Category: PS3 Gaming News   Comments: 0
    News from the Sony camp that GT5 is getting a US release date of "Summer 2010".

    Wow! they could have narrowed it down to a month surely.
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